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Our program helps community heroes like police, firefighters, teachers, doctors and more get funds to cover their closing costs during a home purchase.

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As a fund of Virtual Sports Academy, your donations will directly go to benefit EHHAF’s mission to help community heroes and their families purchase homes.

“Good morning everyone, I wanted to take time out to thank each and every one of you for helping me and my mom with our house buying process.
Michael, thank you for taking time to answer my calls and many questions. You were patient and explained things during the process and most of all you got it done in the end and we have a beautiful home.
Nicole and Misha, thank you both for answering my emails and calls timely.  You are a great team, Nicole,you started me out by answering my questions and explaining the process along the way and Misha you kept on top of things and in the end worked long hours to get it done. I appreciate you both for all you did to make this happen.
Last but certainly not least, Bilal you are an awesome man. You know your business and you are the ultimate professional. You will be my realtor for life. You made this process easy with your patience and gave advice along the way. I thank you and mom thanks you, we are blessed to have met you.
Thanks again everyone!”
– Theresa G

Helping This Police + Teaching Family

It was amazing to work with this couple who do so much for their community. As a police officer and a teacher we were able to bring them into our program to connect them with the resources they need and to work on their behalf to earn them gift funds to cover their closing costs.

“EHHAF has been the best decision of our lives. With their support and guidance, we were able to find our dream home. They were always available for our million questions as we were inexperienced in this process. It truly couldn’t have been a smoother process. Thank you EHHAF for making our dream a reality!”

– Yasel H. and Kelly L.

We Helped These Teachers Get into a Home

Finding a home in a very popular market can be extremely difficult, especially on a teacher’s salary. This testimonial comes from a couple who researched diligently to find a program that would be able to assist teachers in their situation. Luckily, they were able to find our program. We were happy to connect them with the right resources and work to get their closing costs covered through our gift program!

“The Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund greatly helped my husband and I find and purchase a house in one of the most expensive regions in the United States to purchase a home. I am a high school teacher of five years and absolutely love my students and the community in which I teach but the cost of living made it difficult to find a home. I researched diligently to find a program that might be able to assist teachers and came across EHHAF. From our communications with our EHHAF agent, to our real estate agent Holly, and the team at Mortgage Solutions Financial, we were able to close on a house we could afford with the closing costs paid for. We are able to continue to live in the area we love and I am able to continue to try to make a positive difference in the lives of the children here. We could not have done it without the Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund! Thank you for everything!”

– Teddi and Rodney

No Program Was as Helpful as Ours

At Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund, it is our mission to work with public service workers and help them get into new homes while helping them reduce their closing costs. This family below was able to find a new home after more than two years of home hunting troubles. As a teacher and a social worker, they were able to get into our program so we could help them realize their dream!

“My wife and I are so grateful for the help of EHHAF! For over 2 years we looked for the best homes, bank loan offers and programs to assistance us in our home search and no program was as helpful as EHHAF. It was comforting to know that because my wife is a teacher and I’m a social worker that we were finally seen as everyday heroes and that we would receive assistance in purchasing our first home!

The process was convenient, efficient and rewarding. It took just a few months to complete what we had been trying to accomplish for so long. The EHHAF became our heroes when we were able to finally close on a home that we fell in love with!”

– Darrick W.

Another Satisfied Family

We were thrilled to work with this amazing family and get the connected with the agents and loan resources they needed to move their family into a new home. At the end of the process, our team was able to help get their closing costs covered as well.


Our experience with the Everyday hero was amazing. The EHHAF team helped tremendously and the process went smoothly. Compared to the tons of paperwork involved with buying a house, I didn’t even notice getting approved through EHHAF.

The one thing that I did which helped tremendously is buying a printer that scans and sends the documents directly to your computer. Most of the process is online and requires you to send in documents that you have scanned. Going to Fedex/Kinkos every time you need a document would delay the process and not be feasible.

Have fun and enjoy the process and talk to your neighbors before you buy the house, we found out we have amazing neighbors on both sides!

Thank You,

Shawn H.

Firefighter Testimonial


At Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund we love to hear back from the people who have used our program to secure free gift funds to cover their closing costs when they buy a home. Take it from this firefighter below who was able to work with us to purchase his new home!

My thanks to all the wonderful people at the Everyday Heroes Housing Assistance Fund. They were excellent to work with. They helped me find a realtor and mortgage company that were well in-tune with my needs and budget. I would highly recommend them to anyone. My realtor, John Barrett from Keller Williams, and my mortgage broker, Michael DeMorato from Prime Lending, helped me find a house and the right mortgage for my needs. Their professionalism and assistance through every step of the process were greatly appreciated.

My thanks again,
Brendan Murphy

We would highly recommend that any eligible hero apply!


“The Everyday Heroes Housing Assistance Fund helped us land the perfect home! My EHHAF agent was very good about explaining the whole process to us and was a pleasure to work with. We were slightly hesitant to use the program when we found out we couldn’t pick our own lender, but their lender blew our expectations out of the water. Even with a large time difference they were always quick to respond and made sure that we understood every step along the way. We locked in a very low interest rate and were even able to close a week early!

We are very thankful for our gift funds, but due to the fact that, in some cases, you receive the funds as a reimbursement after closing, you will still have to be able to cover some up front expense. In our case, we used the funds to cover all of our moving expenses and some minor repairs to the house; which was a big help! We would highly recommend that any eligible hero apply to the program.”

Thank you,

Medical Worker Testimonial


I am extremely grateful to the team of professionals that facilitated my home purchase, including EveryDay Heroes and their associates: My Everyday hero agents, my loan officer and real estate agent.

Enabled by their efficiency and professionalism, I was able to secure the perfect property for my work and lifestyle.  I am eager to spread the word that in working together, they can match you with a successful search and speedy resolution in this challenging market.

– Patricia

Police Officer Testimonial

Police Officer Closing Cost Grants

It’s our mission to help our everyday heroes buy new homes with our closing cost grants, and so we love to hear from the happy new homeowners who we have helped along the way. This family was kind enough to send us the note below and let us publish it here!

I would like to take the time to thank you folks for the great work you have done.  The agent you set us up with was very professional.  She did a great job negotiating for us.  The lender was also very wonderful. They were very attentive to our needs.  They worked very hard for us so that we were able to close on time.

In addition, the money we will received to cover our closing costs will go along ways towards helping us with Christmas and the expenses of setting up a new household.  It was so nice not to have to worry about that.  I will use you folks again.  I have attached a picture of us and our new home.  Thanks again.  You guys are the best.

– William Wainman

Another Happy EHHAF Family


“The agent that we had to use  was wonderful.  She never gave up on us even though we thought about giving up multiple times.  She would take the time to respond no matter what time we got ahold of her. She helped us get everything done even at last minute.  The mortgage  company we used was friendly and responded as quickly as they could,  which was difficult since there’s a 4 hour time difference.  They got all the paper work and submitted everything on time for us to be able to close on time. We’re happy in our new home. “