Finding a home in a very popular market can be extremely difficult, especially on a teacher’s salary. This testimonial comes from a couple who researched diligently to find a program that would be able to assist teachers in their situation. Luckily, they were able to find our program. We were happy to connect them with the right resources and work to get their closing costs covered through our gift program!

“The Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund greatly helped my husband and I find and purchase a house in one of the most expensive regions in the United States to purchase a home. I am a high school teacher of five years and absolutely love my students and the community in which I teach but the cost of living made it difficult to find a home. I researched diligently to find a program that might be able to assist teachers and came across EHHAF. From our communications with our EHHAF agent, to our real estate agent Holly, and the team at Mortgage Solutions Financial, we were able to close on a house we could afford with the closing costs paid for. We are able to continue to live in the area we love and I am able to continue to try to make a positive difference in the lives of the children here. We could not have done it without the Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund! Thank you for everything!”

– Teddi and Rodney