“Good morning everyone, I wanted to take time out to thank each and every one of you for helping me and my mom with our house buying process.
Michael, thank you for taking time to answer my calls and many questions. You were patient and explained things during the process and most of all you got it done in the end and we have a beautiful home.
Nicole and Misha, thank you both for answering my emails and calls timely.  You are a great team, Nicole,you started me out by answering my questions and explaining the process along the way and Misha you kept on top of things and in the end worked long hours to get it done. I appreciate you both for all you did to make this happen.
Last but certainly not least, Bilal you are an awesome man. You know your business and you are the ultimate professional. You will be my realtor for life. You made this process easy with your patience and gave advice along the way. I thank you and mom thanks you, we are blessed to have met you.
Thanks again everyone!”
– Theresa G