The Seasons For Home Buying

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The High-Season

Finding the home of your dreams at a price you can financially handle often is all about timing. The greatest concentration of home searches on the Web for buyers looking reaches a peak around mid spring. Statistically, most home sales are between the months of April-July. The season for home buying with the largest inventory is at this time. People, especially families, tend to relocate during the summer while their children are on break from school. Because of the large inventory on the market during the high-season, your chance of finding a home that checks most of the boxes on your list is greatest during these months.

The Low-Season

The period of the year when there is the least amount of inventory is during the cold winter months of fall and winter. The upside is during this low-season in the housing market, buyers have the advantage. Homes typically are listed at a lower price in order to gain buyer interest while the market is slow. A buyer has less to choose from, but often they can find a great deal on a home, if they choose to buy at this time in the market.