Firefighter Testimonial


At Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund we love to hear back from the people who have used our program to secure free gift funds to cover their closing costs when they buy a home. Take it from this firefighter below who was able to work with us to purchase his new home!

My thanks to all the wonderful people at the Everyday Heroes Housing Assistance Fund. They were excellent to work with. They helped me find a realtor and mortgage company that were well in-tune with my needs and budget. I would highly recommend them to anyone. My realtor, John Barrett from Keller Williams, and my mortgage broker, Michael DeMorato from Prime Lending, helped me find a house and the right mortgage for my needs. Their professionalism and assistance through every step of the process were greatly appreciated.

My thanks again,
Brendan Murphy


We would highly recommend that any eligible hero apply!


“The Everyday Heroes Housing Assistance Fund helped us land the perfect home! My EHHAF agent was very good about explaining the whole process to us and was a pleasure to work with. We were slightly hesitant to use the program when we found out we couldn’t pick our own lender, but their lender blew our expectations out of the water. Even with a large time difference they were always quick to respond and made sure that we understood every step along the way. We locked in a very low interest rate and were even able to close a week early!

We are very thankful for our gift funds, but due to the fact that, in some cases, you receive the funds as a reimbursement after closing, you will still have to be able to cover some up front expense. In our case, we used the funds to cover all of our moving expenses and some minor repairs to the house; which was a big help! We would highly recommend that any eligible hero apply to the program.”

Thank you,


Medical Worker Testimonial


I am extremely grateful to the team of professionals that facilitated my home purchase, including EveryDay Heroes and their associates: My Everyday hero agents, my loan officer and real estate agent.

Enabled by their efficiency and professionalism, I was able to secure the perfect property for my work and lifestyle.  I am eager to spread the word that in working together, they can match you with a successful search and speedy resolution in this challenging market.

– Patricia

Police Officer Closing Cost Grants

Police Officer Testimonial

Police Officer Closing Cost Grants

It’s our mission to help our everyday heroes buy new homes with our closing cost grants, and so we love to hear from the happy new homeowners who we have helped along the way. This family was kind enough to send us the note below and let us publish it here!

I would like to take the time to thank you folks for the great work you have done.  The agent you set us up with was very professional.  She did a great job negotiating for us.  The lender was also very wonderful. They were very attentive to our needs.  They worked very hard for us so that we were able to close on time.

In addition, the money we will received to cover our closing costs will go along ways towards helping us with Christmas and the expenses of setting up a new household.  It was so nice not to have to worry about that.  I will use you folks again.  I have attached a picture of us and our new home.  Thanks again.  You guys are the best.

– William Wainman


Another Happy EHHAF Family


“The agent that we had to use  was wonderful.  She never gave up on us even though we thought about giving up multiple times.  She would take the time to respond no matter what time we got ahold of her. She helped us get everything done even at last minute.  The mortgage  company we used was friendly and responded as quickly as they could,  which was difficult since there’s a 4 hour time difference.  They got all the paper work and submitted everything on time for us to be able to close on time. We’re happy in our new home. “

8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Firefighters

It’s that time of year where everyone is hustling and bustling to get their holiday shopping done. Since EHHAF provides home buying grants to public service employees, we thought we’d give you some great gift ideas for the fire workers in your life.

1. Hand-Crafted “Firefighter” Leather Tri-fold Wallet

We all know a firefighter needs a tough wallet. This hand made leather comes stamped with a maltese cross for a great look.


2. Upcycled Fire Truck Lamp 

This firetruck has been restyled, painted and rewired to be used as an awesome decorative lamp.


3. Firefighter Paracord Survival Strap Bracelet

Stylish and functional. This bracelet unravels to become a 30ft paracord, and every purchase goes to support the wounded warrior project.


4. Axe and Hammer Firefighter Multi-tool

This axe and hammer multi tool combo is great for camping, or for housework.


5. Firefighter Husband and Wife Interlocking Necklace Set

A great gift for those of you with spouses in the service. This way you’ll always have a reminder of each other next to your heart.


6. Ax Pizza Cutter

Who wouldn’t want to cut a pizza with this great gadget. Perfect for any firefighter home.


7. Fire Extinguisher Drink Dispenser

A great decoration and addition to your party supply. Extinguish your thirst with this firefighter themed drink dispenser.


8. Maltese Cross Fire Boot Mug

No firefighter would be anywhere without his or her boots.


Hero Highlight Wednesday | Making a Difference

Hero Highlight Wednesday

Today’s hero highlight video is a touching reflection on the many teachers across America, as well as the globe, who share their gift of teaching, caring and inspiring. Thank you to all the everyday heroes that work in the classrooms to help students succeed, grow and learn. Your passion is making a difference.

Video by: Pennydio

We are here to help everyday heroes with our closing cost grants. If you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, fire/police professional, or social worker contact us for more info!

Hero Highlight Wednesday | A Winning Gesture!

Hero Highlight Wednesday

The World Series deciding game is tonight. It is the last MLB baseball game of the 2014 season an it is a tied series 3-3 Giants/Royals. In honor of this we share this weeks Hero Highlight video of a young boy whose heart is huge. He makes an effort to bring happiness to another young fan at the game and he learns what the power of kismet means. The announcers watching the whole incident from their booth give this young hero more than he could have ever anticipated. It proves that small gestures can have a super surprising impact.

Video by: ABC News

We are here to help everyday heroes with our closing cost grants. If you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, fire/police professional, or social worker contact us for more info!

Hero Highlight Wednesday | Triathlon Triumph

Hero Highlight Wednesday

Watch this weeks Hero Highlight Wednesday video to see some incredible everyday heroes make a huge difference in a courageous boys life.

US  Marines are known for their toughness, strength, endurance and their camaraderie. However, the group of Marines in this touching story are now known for their compassion, humanity and graciousness. This group of Marines, who were also running in the Sea Turtle Triathlon, did not hesitate to help Ben Baltz. Ben, an 11 year old cancer survivor, finish his triathlon race with pride and honor. Oorah!

Inspiration can be found in the smallest gestures.

Video by: geobeats

We are here to help everyday heroes with our closing cost grants. If you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, fire/police professional, or social worker contact us for more info!

Hero Highlight Wednesday |Neighbor, Friend, Doctor-Hero

Hero Highlight Wednesday

Kindness, random or not comes in many forms. This Hero Highlight Wednesday video is an inspirational story of recognizing a need and knowing how you can help. A new neighbor, friend, doctor took it upon himself  to make a difference in young boys life.Lincoln’s mom tells his touching story. Everyday heroes exist all around us, we just need to maybe look in the mirror to find one.

Video by: LiveOutward

We are here to help everyday heroes with our closing cost grants. If you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, fire/police professional, or social worker contact us for more info!