Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund (EHHAF)

Helping service professionals and their families to become homeowners.

We are here to help with our closing cost gift funds for everyday heroes. EHHAF assists Everyday Community Heroes like police, firefighters, teachers, social workers and medical professionals — by providing them with free gift funds to help cover closing costs when purchasing a home. The critical work these every day American Heroes do enhances all of our lives and it’s our duty to support them wherever we can.

Please note: Our services are not available for refinances, and are not available in NY or VT at this time.

How Does It Work?

HouseThe program is designed to minimize your out of pocket expenses with regards to your actual closing costs. We will negotiate concessions from the seller to help towards these costs and then gift funds will go towards helping pay the remainder of these costs. These funds are a free gift that never has to be repaid and the services are absolutely FREE. The plan is to keep your out of pocket expenditure to a minimum but the real mission to get the transaction completed without you using any of your own funds towards your closing costs.